Former Boxing Champion Paul Williams Paralyzed

Twice WBO Welterweight champion Paul Williams was tragically paralyzed in a motorcycle accident that took place in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday.

Doctors were sorry to admit to the boxer and his family that due to a severed spinal cord he is unlikely to ever walk again. This is sad enough, but when it is factored in that ‘The Punisher’ was in the middle of his fight preparations for a bout with Mexican Saul Alvarez, it should be hard for fans and peers to fathom.

Williams has not made top billing since 2010, and despite having had spectacular career highs ranging from victories over Antonio Margarito and Ronald ‘Winky’ Wright he experienced a phenomenal fall against Sergio Martinez which saw him sprawled on the canvas.

The Alvarez fight in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas this September was to be his comeback. However, his legacy has been abruptly cut short. His in-ring style will always be remembered, as he regularly loomed over opponents and threw out a high volume of punches, but there will almost certainly be no more flurries from the unorthodox star.

Doctors say that he is in a serious condition, but that his condition is at least stable.

“From the waist down, he has absolutely no movement. He’s in very good spirits, though. He still believes he’s going to fight again,” Williams’ manager George Peterson said. “He’s 100 per cent coherent and still has the will to want to get back on the motorcycle.”

Williams is due to release a statement after surgery and some rest, but it is good to see that there is some dialogue going on with the 30-year-old former champion, even if his camp are merely putting a brave face on during this dire situation.

According to Peterson, “[Paul] said if he wasn’t going to be boxing, he’s going to be a stand-up comedian.”

Those at Rant Sports would like to wish Paul a comfortable recovery.

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