Iowa QB James Vandenberg Hunts and Kills a Bear (photo)

By Andrew Fisher

University of Iowa quarterback James Vandenberg seems to have an interesting off-season hobby. Late Monday night, this picture surfaced on Twitter:

Crappy Nickname joke = Big Game James

At this point, no further details have emerged. I’ve heard rumors that this took place in Canada, which would be a good guess, or potentially Alaska. Either way, it happened somewhere in North America.

I cannot definitively say that Vandenberg was the killer of this bear, or if in fact it is a real dead bear. It could all be some elaborate hoax, but based on the photo, it appears as if Vandenberg bagged himself a Grizzles.

Here is the tweet:

[blackbirdpie id=”207294596470939648″]

Denard, most assume is Denard Robinson, quarterback of the Michigan Wolverines.

Great tag line to put along with the picture, very funny, but it’s not like Vandenberg needs to be better than Robinson at something else. He’s clearly the better quarterback, and almost certain to be drafted in next year’s NFL draft. Denard Robinson? Not so much…

Now if a team is looking for someone to run their wild-cat package, or they need a third-string quarterback, Robinson may hear his name called, but at this point, Denard is just not NFL quarterback material. He’s a good college football player, fun to watch, but that’s the extent of it.

How good Vandenberg is, besides just good enough to be drafted, is unclear at this point. He had a good junior campaign, but also relied heavily upon recently drafted Marvin McNutt. Hawkeye fans and NFL scouts will see what he’s truly made of in 2012, when the team’s success relies primarily on his performance.

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