Shaquille O’Neal Spotted In Costume As Officer Fluzoo For Grown Ups 2

Shaquille O’Neal certainly has been in the news a lot lately.  When he has not been denying his interest in being the general manager for the Orlando Magic, he has been shooting scenes for Grown Ups 2.  The movie, which is produced by Adam Sandler’s company Happy Madison, will have Shaq starring as Officer Fluzoo.

Shaquille O’Neal starring as a cop isn’t so far fetched.  Remember, he has been a reserve officer in Florida when he played for the Miami Heat.  Grown Ups 2 probably needs as much help as it can get, so getting Shaq to sign on can only help it make money.  I can’t understand why Sandler keeps making movies when he lost his fastball in the year 2000, but I digress.

Shaquille O’Neal has shown that he has a comedic side.  He has started to get better with his work on TNT, but I think that might be more of a credit to Charles Barkley than anyone.  Barkley makes everyone bring their A game, so Shaq would have to improve just to keep up with Chuck.  He is still pretty hard to listen to most of the time, but he is getting better.

If you get sick of watching Shaquille O’Neal on TNT, you can certainly take time out of your day to see him star in Grown Ups 2.  I am not sure why you would do that, but hey.  I’m not a movie critic.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.  An act of God wouldn’t get him to watch Grown Ups 2, so Shaquille O’Neal won’t do the trick.