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St. John’s Jesuit Players Joe Robie And Corey Tipton Combine For Awesome Diving Catch

The St. John’s Jesuit baseball team knows hte meaning of teamwork.  In a game against Fremont Ross, pitcher Joe Robie and catcher Corey Tipton combined to make an amazing catch.  Tipton dove to catch a pop up and managed to tip the ball to Robie, who made a barehanded diving catch.

Derrick Salberg has been getting all the attention for an amazing catch, but I think Joe Robie and Corey Tipton can lay claim to a catch that is just as good.  Robie is a pitcher and they are not known for being great athletic players.  Robie’s catch certainly goes against common thinking.  Most teams do not want their pitchers making players like that, but it was one heck of a play.

Joe Robie should get as much attention as Salberg did.  Tipton also played a big part in the catch, but I think the pitcher should get the attention.  How often do you see a pitcher make a diving catch like that?  At least a catcher diving to catch a ball isn’t unheard of.  A pitcher putting it all on the line like that is pretty rare.

A catch like the one Joe Robie made should be up for a couple of awards.  I am pretty sure high school baseball does not have awards for great plays, but maybe they should.  Robie would probably take all the awards and there is nothing wrong with it.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.  This might be the best play by a pitcher that he has ever seen.