Terrell Owens dismissed from arena league team

By Marian Hinton

Former NLF standout, Terrell Owens, simply cannot get out of his own way.

The eccentric and often controversial receiver has most recently been cut by his Indoor Football League team, the Allen Wranglers for “violating his contract.” Adding insult to injury, Owens was also stripped of his partial ownership of the team.

According to a team spokesman, Owens refused to attend two upcoming road games that are crucial to the Wranglers’ playoff hopes. In addition, he failed to show up for a benefit at a local children’s hospital, prompting the organization to cut ties with the often-troubled receiver.

During his NFL tenure, Owens played for the San Francisco 49ers, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Dallas Cowboys before making brief stops with the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinatti Bengals.

After tearing his ACL, it was believed that his NFL career was over, but Owens went through rehab and later hosted a televised workout at his home to prove that he was still able to play; no scouts attended and therefore, he went unsigned.

Owens joined the Wranglers for six figures and partial ownership back in February in hopes that he would soon land back in the NFL.

During his time in Allen, a suburb located just 30 minutes outside of Dallas where he was once a star receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, Owens caught 35 passes for 420 yards and scored 10 touchdowns in 8 games.

Though Owens had a brilliant NFL career, ranking 2nd all-time in NFL receiving yards (15,934), 4th in touchdowns (156), and 6th in catches (1,078), it seems more and more likely that he will be remembered primarily for his off-the-field issues, which is unfortunate.

I must say, based on T.O.’s history, it’s not all that surprising that his latest playing venture didn’t work out.

Now, I don’t think we will be hearing much more about Terrell Owens’ football career. Seems those days are over.

Regardless, something tells me that he will manage to find the spotlight again soon, in one way or another.


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