Craig James Loses in Senate Bid

By Chris Shelton

Yesterday, Texas voters took to the polls to decide which Republican challenger would be the prohibitive favorite to replace Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the US Senate; it resulted in a runoff between David Dewherst and Ted Cruz.

The voters did make a decisive decision on Craig James though. It was an emphatic no.

James received only four percent of the vote and was a non factor in the race.

Perhaps his days at SMU were a factor in his loss, as he continued to diminish his involvement in his political ads on the matter.

It is widely believed that James made big bucks during his tenure at SMU. He was a part of some very good teams . SMU was later discovered to have a college football payroll.

Maybe James involvement in the firing of Mike Leach turned off voters. James’ son, Adam James, was alleged placed in a closet as punishment for a concussion. Leach claimed that the James family complained at every step about playing time, amongst other issues.

Perhaps it was the fact that James has no political experience and is a college football analyst that led to his failure in this senate race.

James left his job as an ESPN analyst to pursue a career as a politician. James covered college football for the sports media juggernaut. ESPN has no plans to rehire James for their college football staff.

James was unsure of his immediate future after conceding the loss.

“I truly did not get in this race as a setup for something else, I’ll wake up tomorrow morning committed to furthering the message of limited government, low taxes and personal responsibility,” James told the Dallas Morning News. “Where that takes me, I don’t know. We’ll see.”</

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