High School Pitcher Pitching a 20 Strikeout Perfect Game Gets Pulled With One Out Remaining

By David LaRose

Crazy high school baseball story coming out of Upland, California and it revolves around a feat that I’m pretty sure has never been accomplished on any level.

Western Christian School pitcher Ryan Olson was in the middle of a pitching a perfect game, a double perfect game meaning he struck out every batter he faced, when he was pulled with one out to go. Apparently it was senior day for WCS so Olson was pulled with two outs in the seventh inning (high school games only go seven innings) so a senior could come in and play.

Are you kidding me?

Why would anyone let that happen? This kid was in the middle of pitching a double perfect game and striking out every overmatched kid he faced and he let the coach take him out?

I understand that it is a high school game and at that level every kid usually gets a chance to play but come on man. Don’t deny one kid a chance at history just to let a senior make a token appearance at the end of a ball game. Why not put the kid in at the very beginning of the game like most programs do?

Anyways, if I was one strikeout away from a 21 up, 21 down complete strikeout game I would have to be dragged off the field kicking and screaming. As far as being a good teammate goes and letting the senior get to play, how about being a good teammate and letting the man finish what he started.

All in all it’s a bummer that the kid was unable to finish his unreal game and I guess it’s nice that the senior got to play some in his last game. Oh by the way, Western Christian School ended up finishing off Calvary Murrieta 6-0 and it was all smiles and happy thoughts after the game.

But seriously, come on man.

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