Ryan Olson Pulled From High School Game One Out Away From Perfect Strikeout Game

By Riley Schmitt

Ryan Olson of Western Christian School was one out away from an impressive high school start.  Through 6 and 2/3 innings, Olson had recorded 20 strikeouts.  He also had not allowed a baserunner so he was one strikeout away from the most perfect game you could.  Unfortunately, he was pulled before facing the last batter to allow a senior to pitch on Senior Day.

I am sure that Ryan Olson is happy with his performance but I would be furious at my coach.  If you are going to pitch a senior on Senior Day, let him start the game.  Why would you just give him a token appearance?  That is almost an insult to get in for the last batter.  Let the kid start the game and then give way to Olson, not the other way around.

A performance that Ryan Olson had is something that is extremely rare.  I understand that seniors should get to play on Senior Day, but Olson was going to go down in history with that performance.  It is not a given that he would strike the final batter out and it is also possible that he would lose the perfect game.  Shouldn’t you at least let him take a crack at it?

Even though he was not allowed to pursue his perfect game, Ryan Olson can hang his hat on this start.  One of his teammates got to finish off a game on Senior Day and he still recorded 20 strikeouts.  However, if I were him, I would lay awake at night wondering about what might have been.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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