Michelle Beadle Was Fake Shot Out Of A Cannon To Wrap Up Her Time At ESPN And On Sports Nation

Michelle Beadle had quite the run with ESPN. However, her last day at the company was Friday, which it was her last episode of SportsNation. Sticking to the true wacky form of the show, Beadle was fake shot out of a cannon to signify her end with the show.

The video is a bit long but that is just fine.  The whole thing is pretty funny and it shows how much everyone loved Michelle Beadle at ESPN.  She will do great things at NBC Sports and she is allowed to cover more things besides sports.  I think this will work for her as she can bring her humor to more situations.  People will miss her on ESPN but this is probably for the best.

I fear for SportsNation sans Michelle Beadle.  I just do not think that it will work without her on the show.  It might keep some of its viewers but I think the majority of them will probably stop watching.  Once you take away a key part of a show, good luck keeping your consistent audience.  This is not a knock on her replacement, but there is only one Michelle Beadle.

I am looking forward to seeing Michelle Beadle do some Olympics work and some other NBC type stuff.  She is extremely talented at what she does and I hope that she finds more success on the Peacock Network.  I still think she has big things ahead of her.

If things do not work, Michelle Beadle can always reflect on the time that SportsNation wanted to shoot her out of a cannon.  Sounds fun to me.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.