Former New York Mets And Baltimore Orioles Executive Jim Duquette Donates Kidney To Daughter

The story of Jim Duquette and his daughter is one of those stories that makes sports so special.  The former Baltimore Orioles and New York Mets executive donated a kidney to his daughter Lindsey, who is suffering from a rare kidney disorder.

The disorder that she suffers from is called Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis.  Basically, her kidneys were not acting like the filter that they normally do.  Her kidneys shut down and she was in desperate need of a transplant.  Enter her dad Jim Duquette.  Jim was a perfect match for Lindsey and decided to donate his kidney.

The story of Jim Duquette is a great one.  Often times in sports, people focus on the negative or the mundane.  Heck, this story has not had an overwhelming amount of attention in the news cycle.  However, it is a fantastic story that more people should be focusing on.  It is not everyday that a story like this occurs in the sports world.

Take the morning sports shows for instance.  They either spent no time talking about this issue or they mentioned it in passing.  Instead, a lot of focus was paid towards highlights and other things.  I’m not saying that those things are not important, but I think a former executive in the major leagues donating a kidney to his daughter should at least get a segment.

Even if it does not get the attention that it deserves, Jim Duquette donating a kidney to his daughter is a fantastic story.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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