Meghan Vogel Should Be Praised After Helping Fellow Competitor Arden McMath Finish 3200 In Ohio

Sometimes in sports, sportsmanship matters more than the final outcome of a competition.  In the case of Meghan Vogel, she basically deserves every sportsmanship award in the book.  Vogel is a track star in Ohio and was running the 3200 at the Division III championship meet.  About 20 feet from the finish, Arden McMath started to cramp up and collapsed in front of Vogel.  Instead of running around McMath, Vogel picked McMath up and helped her to the finish.

Meghan Vogel won the 1600 earlier, but I do not think that is as awesome as what she did for McMath.  You rarely, if ever, see people stop in the middle of a race to help a competitor finish the race.  Vogel was not required to help McMath across the finish line, but she did it anyways.

I hope the story of Meghan Vogel goes viral.  She should be praised for what she did in the meet.  Most times, we tend to focus on the negative side of things.  However, this story has no negatives at all.  Vogel helped a competitor finish the race.  In fact, Vogel finished last in the meet so McMath actually did better than her.  I doubt that Vogel cares, which is fantastic.

Sometimes we have to look in the oddest places to find great sports stories.  I doubt that many people though the Division III track meet in Ohio was going to be a spot for a heartwarming story, but Meghan Vogel decided to change that.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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