NBC Los Angeles Confuses Simon Gagne With Eric Gagne

By Kris Hughes

Just five months after suffering a concussion which many believed could be career-threatening, the Los Angeles Kings will get a lift this evening when forward Simon Gagne returns for game three of the Stanley Cup Finals against the New Jersey Devils.

As has been the case throughout the Kings’ unlikely run to the Cup Finals, a local Los Angeles news station has managed to show it’s utter incompetence.

This time around, NBC Los Angeles kicked off a short story about Simon Gagne’s return by showing the below picture of former Los Angeles Dodgers closer Eric Gagne:

Had this been the first time a Los Angeles-based station gaffed in regards to the Kings it would have been easy to let this one pass as a simple, but absolutely preventable mistake.

Facts are though, the local station has been bumbling with Kings stories from Day One.

In the early going of the Kings’ playoff run, NBC LA managed to intersperse the Sacramento Kings’ logo in place of the LA Kings’ logo while discussing how busy the Staples Center would be with so many local teams competing in their respective sport’s playoffs at once:

It’s just not hard boys and girls.

NBC LA: How about you guys take two seconds to learn the sports landscape of your city, and do things with quality?

Also, if there’s a graphics guy responsible for your images, they probably need to be looking for a new day job.


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