Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Cover “Call Me Maybe” By Carly Rae Jepsen

The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders are not immune to the “Call Me Maybe” craze.  The cheerleaders were shooting their 2013 calendar and decided to do a cover of the hit song.  This is not the first cover of the song, but it might be the best.  Cheerleaders are certainly better than college sports teams doing the song.

God bless the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders.  This a great video.  Probably one of the best music videos that I have ever seen.  They went out of their comfort zone and some fun with the video.  A lot of covers of the song have appeared but they still are popular.  That is how good the song is.  Anytime you can have hot chicks doing a music video to a great song, you have a real winner.

I am assuming that their calendar is also great, but I do not know if it can top “Call Me Maybe.”  It is just such a great song.  I applaud the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders on going outside of the box on this.  They involve all sorts of members of the team and they do not just settle for one action.  They mix everything up, which makes a better music video overall.

I expect this Miami Dolphins cheerleaders music video to go viral and with good reason.  Football cheerleaders + “Call Me Maybe” = gold.  That is gold, Jerry.  I enjoy the song and now I love this music video.  Thank god for smart cheerleaders.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.