The Potential Jurors For The Jerry Sandusky Trial Are Absolute Jokes

The nation is awaiting the Jerry Sandusky trail after the former Penn State coach was acussed of sexually abusing young boys that he had access to through his Second Mile charity.  Some members of the public have been wary about the jury selection and those fears are coming to light.  It looks like the jury may have a pro-Penn State/Sandusky bias.

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These are only a few examples of jury choices.  I still think that they should have gotten jurors that are not from the State College area.  There are too many chances for people that have ties to the university or ties to Jerry Sandusky.  That could cloud the judgment of the jurors, even if they say they will remain impartial.

There is a growing outrage starting online about the jury selection for this Jerry Sandusky case.  It is going to be hard to keep an impartial balance.  I think this case is going to be one of the ones that people talk about for a long, long time.

The Jerry Sandusky trial starts on Monday and the jury selection should wrap up on Wednesday.  It is going to be an interesting case.  The jury might play a bigger influence on the trial then most people would be comfortable with.

Whether Jerry Sandusky is guilty or innocent does not matter with the jury selection.  If the jury compromises the trial due to Penn State connections, that will always be the larger issues.

Riley Schmitt is a featured writer for Rant Sports.