New York Mets Selling Reprinted Tickets From No Hitter Game By Johan Santana For $50

By Dan Parzych

For all of you New York Mets fans out there, here’s your chance to own a piece of history (kinda) from the team’s first no-hitter game by Johan Santana last Friday night against the St. Louis Cardinals in case you weren’t actually there.

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That’s right, the Mets are actually selling reprinted tickets from the game for a cost of $50 plus the fees for shipping and handling–that is unless you happen to be a season-ticket holder. During the game, Santana threw 134 pitches while striking out eight and walking five batters as the Mets went on to beat the Cardinals 8-0 and record the first no hitter in franchise history.

Of course, there’s always going to be the argument as to whether or not this game should have been a no hitter for Santana–which means there will be an argument about how valuable these reprinted tickets really are. For those of you that remember, there was a play in the top of the sixth inning in which a hit by Carlos Beltran that hit the chalk on the left-field line was ruled as a foul ball–which would have ended Santana’s no hitter.

Either way–this just seems like an easy way for the Mets organization to make a few extra bucks off of fans that weren’t at the game. Honestly, why would any baseball fan waste their money on something like this when they could put the money towards an actual game instead?

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