Trailer For Kevin Durant's Movie: Thunderstruck

By Kris Hughes

During the NBA lockout, Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant spent plenty of time dominating various street-ball games and charity contests around the country, but also spent a little time working on his acting debut in the upcoming movie, Thunderstruck.

The premise is one we’ve seen before– Durant switches personalities with a high school boy and hilarity ensues as both sides learn some heart-warming life lessons, and things go back to normal just in time for Durant to play in “the big game”.

Anyway, here’s the trailer:

You have to respect Kevin Durant for what he has done to take the Oklahoma City Thunder to the franchise’s first-ever NBA Finals, but you don’t have to respect his decision– or his agent’s pressure– to agree to another half-hearted, cliched “switcharoo” flick.

Everything  Durant does seems to turn to gold, from his endorsements with Nike and Gatorade to his appearances on other related commercials and in the public.

He normally has a great sense of selection, and even a little comedic timing, but even the best personality won’t save him from this pending disaster.

This one will be predictably terrible, but let’s hope for KD’s sake it’s not too bad.

I sure hope I’m proven wrong.

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