I’ll Have Another Pulled Out Of Belmont Stakes Due To Injury

I’ll Have Another is the latest horse to have a shot at winning the Triple Crown but that might not come to fruition.  With rumors flying about a press conference to announce a status update on the horse, it could be possible that he is being withdrawn from the Belmont Stakes.  Could I’ll Have Another actually be pulled out of the race?

The rumors are just that right now, but it does not look good for the future of Ill Have Another.  If the horse is hurt, pulling him out of the Belmont is the right move.  The Triple Crown is not worth the life of the horse.  If he has an issue that could put him in serious danger, might as well not make him run.  It may be unpopular but it would be the right move.

With I’ll Have Another officially pulled from the Belmont Stakes, it is a smart move by his trainers.  Do not put the horse in any danger.  There is no need to take chances, but this does not look good for the future of horse racing.  The dangers to the horses keep pilling up and more injuries only make it look worse.

Ill Have Another will survive but there might not be horses so lucky in the future.  This is a smart move by his trainer and I applaud him for doing it.  The Belmont will not be as exciting but the life of the horse is more important

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.