Mike Tyson Set to Make Another Appearance in The Hangover, Part III

Look out sports fans–it appears Mike Tyson is set to return for the third installment of The Hangover, Part III.

Tyson will be reuniting with Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis for the third and what will most likely be the final chapter in the hit series as the gang appears to be heading back to Las Vegas. Considering how involved he was in the first two films, Tyson will most likely be making a small appearance again, but his role in the first two films were hilarious to watch–so let’s hope the third time is just as funny.

As far as the plot line goes, it appears the storyline is going to revolve around the group rescuing one of the guys from a mental hospital (Allen has to be the obvious choice at this point, right?). On the bright side, it’s good to see Todd Phillips steering away from keeping the same plot as the first two movies.

The release date may still be far away (May 24, 2013 is the scheduled release date as of now), but it’s hard not to get excited about this movie already considering how funny the first two films were. Plus, we get to see Tyson showing off his acting skills once again–which is always fun to watch.

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