Timothy Bradley – Manny Pacquiao Fixed Decision Announced To Crowd

pac-brad_xvid by random_sports

If you have not heard, there are a lot of rumors that the Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao fight was fixed and fixed badly. At no point in time did I think Bradley beat Pac.  There was no way he outfought him but the judges thought differently.

The crowd reaction sums up the Twitter reaction.  No one thought Timothy Bradley was going to win.  He did not deserve to win the fight.  He was outfought and outmuscled.  The crowd was irate along with everyone online.  The fight had to be fixed for this to be the final outcome.

I watched every round.  No way did Timothy Bradley win this fight fair and square.  In fact, if they have a rematch, Pacquiao should beat him by a knockout.  Pac may have been hurt by his style in the fight, but that still makes no sense.  Who in the world thought that this was going to end this way?

Timothy Bradley is a good fighter.  He is not on Pac’s level.  He did not come close to doing anything that would allow him to win.  I am an amateur when it comes to scoring boxing but I had very few rounds for Bradley.  It was not close on my card.  Pac should have retained his title.

The rematch is going to be awful.  Pac will be a man possessed.  He’s going to destroy Bradley and we will all wonder how this happened.  You have to follow the money.  Watergate taught me that.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.