Was The Manny Pacquiao And Timothy Bradley Fight Fixed?

By Riley Schmitt

Timothy Bradley beat Manny Pacquiao in a very controversial fight over the weekend.  Bradley won by split decision when many thought that the fight was not even close.  This has led to speculation that the fight was fixed and the judges were paid off.  Is that possible?

In my mind, Timothy Bradley was the beneficiary of a fixed fight.  It could be because Floyd Mayweather is in jail and they needed a Pacquiao/Bradley rematch or someone wanted to make a quick buck.  I do not pretend to be a boxing expert but I watched every round of that fight.  At most, I thought Bradley won four rounds.  I figured that he won two.

I had even stopped watching the fight, as I assumed Timothy Bradley had lost.  I was totally shocked when my Twitter feed blew up with outrage over the decision.  They saw what I saw.  Bradley was so overmatched that it was not even funny.  He stood no chance and the fact that he won is a disgrace.

This is why boxing has its issues.  People are not sure if what they are watching is real.  This outcome furthers hurts the credibility.  Timothy Bradley may be a great fighter but he did not deserve to win.

This reminds me a lot of pro wrestling actually.  Bryan Lutz thinks that this resembled the Montreal Screwjob and I don’t disagree with him.

A lot of money came in late on Friday on this match.  Most of it was on Bradley.  Did some gamblers get to the judges in order to secure a sweet payout?  We will never know.  A rematch between these two will happen and Pacquiao will probably destroy Bradley.

At least boxing is in the news for once.  Too bad its not the way they would like.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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