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Jerry Sandusky Just Looks Creepy

With the Jerry Sandusky trial beginning today, I felt like it was time to discuss what a creepy guy he is. Yes, the crimes he has been accused of make me puke at least twice a day, but I’m talking about just the way he looks. As I saw the headlines of his trial, I went to our partner USPresswire and sure enough- there’s a ton of pictures of Sandusky. Creepy.

I believe that if he’s found guilty of what he’s accused, he should get the death penalty. Not trying to spar a political debate, but seriosuly. This guy is beyond disgusting. There were reports of Sandusky making jokes in the courthouse to the press. Yeah, you’re not facing Child Rape charges or anything- no big deal.

Jerry Sandusky is the definition of a guy featured on how to catch a predator. Based on the picture above, I don’t think I could remain impartial in this case, so hopefully the jury is. Good luck trying to sleep after this one. Gross.

I vote that the judge should force Sandusky to wear a mask over his face so we don’t have to look at his child loving ways again. If only there wasn’t a constitution.