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The Game Gets Ankles Broken At Drew League Game

The Drew League has gotten famous for letting basketball players and celebrities play together.  During one game, rapper The Game got embarrassed by an unknown competitor.  The guy pulled off a wicked crossover which sent Game flying.

That is a pretty embarrassing move.  The Game went absolutely flying.  That is definition of getting your ankles broken.  A crossover like that is pretty good to have.  I think we need to find out who crossed him up.  If you can pull off a move like that, you should get a lot of recognition.

I have seen some people get their ankles broken, but nothing like that before.  That wasn’t just a simple slip, that was a full on fall.  Pretty funny to watch if you ask me.  The Drew League is full of highlights like this, which is great to watch when the Finals aren’t on.

I think the summer leagues that popped up during the lockout year should stay in business.  It is a good way to keep fans interested in basketball and it allows more people to play against pros.  If the leagues decide to raise money for charity, it is even better.  The people playing don’t need any cash, but if they are doing it for a good cause, that makes it even better.

The Game better make sure he redeems himself soon.  He doesn’t want a video of him looking like a chump on the court to go viral.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.