Boxing Is Bentley's "Muppet Of The Week."

By Paul Bentley

Believe it or not, muppet-activity was low this last week in the world of sports.  Of course Lindsay Lohan crashed her Porsche into a dump-truck, but she is in the entertainment biz’ and I seek the muppets of the sporting world.  Just when I thought the Boston Mayor would take this week’s title, the sport of boxing decided to go ahead and win this week’s award unanimously.

Before I get into why boxing is this week’s no-brainer, let me touch on the gem that is the Boston Mayor, Thomas Menino.  This dude called Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo, “K.J” and “Hondo.”  Is that real?!  Mayor Menino, sir, these are two world-class athletes that work for your city and brought that city a damn championship ring in 2008!  You better call them by their correct name damn it.  Kevin Garnett is the epitome of a hard-working, dedicated, passionate man who honestly would probably get more votes than yourself if you two ran for President.  Now Rondo isn’t President worthy perhaps, but the kid just drops triple-doubles like it’s his job.  Wait, it is his job.  Regardless, he is the best at his job of dropping triple-doubles.  Next time, get their names right Mr. Muppet, I mean, Mayor.

Although I didn’t pay $54.95 for the fight on Saturday, I did watch it online.  Yes, I went to someones website who was streaming the fight.  I am happy I did too.  Why would I pay money to watch something that is just as fixed WWE wrestling?  Manny Pacquiao beat this dude Timothy Bradley up, clearly “won” the fight, but lost his belt.  WHAT?!  I was speechless after I heard that the judges gave Bradley the win and I am not even a true boxing fan.  I can honestly say I only watch the big fights each year.  Boxing has been “dead” to me since the Tyson era ended.  But the fact that boxing has these fixed outcomes is not what killed it for me.  Dana White and UFC killed boxing.  I cant get enough of the blood, broken bones, and world-class toughness that the UFC brings to the table.

This isn’t the first fight that has been fixed in boxing, and it surely wont be the last.  Boxing will get what they want from this fix, which is the majority of us tuning in to watch the rematch of Pac-Man and Timmy Bradley.  Oh yea, we will also watch the third “rubber match” if you will after Pacquiao beats Timmy down in the rematch.

Being from Detroit, I do want to see the Michigan man himself, Floyd “Money” Mayweather fight Manny, but after that fight, I am officially breaking-up with boxing.  I could give two shits less about the Klitschko brothers.  Just saying.


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