New York Shower Hammers Win National Kickball Quarterfinal With Amazing Play

By Riley Schmitt

I love kickball.  I think most people who had to play the game over and over again at recess during school love the sport.  Apparently, the New York Shower Hammers are one of the best kickball teams in the nation.  They were playing in a quarterfinal in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania when they had the best ending to a game ever.

They beat OSC of Washington, D.C. thanks to this amazing dive to score the winning run.  That move is pretty much straight out of the Matrix.  The dive to avoid the throw and still get up to touch home plate is pretty awesome.  Takes a lot of skill to be able to pull off a move like that.

I wonder why I have not heard of professional kickball until now.  It looks like the New York Shower Hammers are one of the best teams in the country.  I am not sure how many teams actually play professional kickball, but I can’t imagine it is a lot.  This means that this play has to be one of the best plays in kickball history.

I can not stop watching that flip to avoid the ball.  That is some type of impressive move right there.  I am not sure if most professional athletes could pull that move off.  In fact, I think that would make baseball a lot cooler if people dove like that to avoid tags.

Congrats to the New York Shower Hammers on winning the kickball tournament.  May their inner child never perish.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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