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Chad Ochocinco Receives the Animation Treatment After Signing With Miami Dolphins

One of the biggest surprises of this week in the NFL world has been Chad Ochocinco joining the Miami Dolphins for the 2012 season after the wideout was released by the New England Patriots back on June 8. While many believe the signing could just be a publicity stunt considering the Dolphins will be featured on this year’s version of HBO’s Hard Knocks, that didn’t stop Ochocinco from receiving the animation trip.

Ochocinco became the latest victim of Next Media Animation’s hilarious videos as they poked fun at the controversial wideout trying to re-vibe his career in Miami by. Not only did they make fun of Ochocinco for loving the attention of being on reality television shows, but they also made fun of the fact that nobody ever knows what to call him considering how many times he’s attempted to change his names over the years.

Either way, this video makes a great point about how this move by the Dolphins may be just to boost the ratings on HBO. Think about it–why would anyone be interested in bringing a washed-up former No. 1 wide receiver on board that couldn’t even produce big numbers with Tom Brady as his quarterback?

If Miami thinks Ochocinco still has what it takes to be an effective wide receiver after posting just 15 catches for 276 yards with one touchdown in 2011–they’re wrong.

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