Erin Andrews Learns A Dance Move From Vanilla Ice

By Riley Schmitt

In order to promote the move “That’s My Boy”, one hit wonder Vanilla Ice was at ESPN on Wednesday. He did some work on SportsCenter but his best work came after that appearance. He met up with Erin Andrews and showed her a dance move.

Well, this is certainly one of the most interesting pairings that I have ever seen.  Erin Andrews is almost out of her contract with ESPN, so maybe dancing with Ice will get her a new contract.  She looked pretty good with that move with almost no practice at it.

This was also good for Vanilla Ice, as he finally gets noticed once again.  “Ice, Ice Baby” was a popular song when it came out but that seemed to be the top of his popularity.  Getting exposure on ESPN and with Erin Andrews can only be a career booster.  I bet many people forgot who he was but I know some people that can still rap that song.

If we could get videos of Erin Andrews dancing with more guests on ESPN, that could clearly become a great new show on the network.  It would easily be better than watching everyone else at the network scream at each other about the same topics day after day.  You might run out of people to dance with Andrews, but it would still be worth a shot.

Maybe this will become a new trend.  Vanilla Ice gives dance lessons!  Everyone who still wishes it was the early 90s would certainly sign up.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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