Golfer Gets Kicked In Face From Waitress Soccer Kick

By Riley Schmitt

Sometimes people are not as smart as they should be.  Take this golfer for instance.  He wants this waitress to kick his visor because it will fly up and hit the ceiling.  The waitress does not want to do this, but the golfer insists.  Her attempt at a soccer kick to his visor ends up drilling him right in the face.

This video is just downright hilarious.  The guy had this coming.  If someone feels uncomfortable about trying to kick something off of your head, you should probably take them at face value.  Instead, he insisted it would be fine and she just drilled him in the face.  That was actually a pretty athletic kick from the waitress.  Sounded like she had a lot of power behind it.

I bet that golfer never tries that trick again.  The pain and embarrassment is just not worth getting drilled in the face.  His buddies think it was the funniest thing that they have ever seen and with good reason.  The guy had it coming.  You could see it from a mile away.  People that ask to be kicked near their head will end up getting kicked square in the face.

The waitress felt horrible about her soccer kick, but it is not her fault.  The guy wanted to prove how cool he was.  Not so cool when you take a foot to the face, are you Mr. Golfer?  Bet you learned your lesson.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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