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Journalist Spits Lyrics with Irish Fans at EURO 2012

Working as a journalist at EURO 2012 can prove tough. Whilst you watch and comment on soccer that can be, at times, scintillating, you must simultaneously cover the social issues. Fan violence has become a hot topic so you have to cover that. You have to commentate on the cultural differences that tournaments like these highlight. You have to work with supporters.

Of course if you are former Ireland international Kevin Kilbane, at EURO 2012 as a writer for Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper there are other ways of relieving the pressures and still interacting with those that made the trip.

Here he is, with Ireland’s travelling support, busting out a bit of Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice, Ice Baby’…

Once jokingly dubbed ‘Zinedine’ Kilbane because of an apparent comparison with the legendary French playmaker Zinedine Zidane the left-back has moved into the twilight of his career. He has amassed over 100 international caps and recently played for Hull City FC at the age of 35, but because of his personality and a degree in Sports Writing and Broadcasting he has found a transition into punditry rather fulfilling.

For this reason he has done television work with Irish channel RTÉ and is now working as a writer for this event.

Today he was drawing praise for a piece he had written about the commitment it takes to be a travelling fan.

Talking about the hollow words of appreciation from professional athletes he stated that “until you have stepped over prone bodies and pulled your suitcase round hundreds of sleeping, drinking and hungover supporters in Poznan railway station, at eight o’clock on a Monday morning after a heavy defeat to Croatia, you really cannot begin to appreciate the lengths people go to to follow the Republic of Ireland.”

After watching this video you know he means it.

Heartfelt, intelligent, good with a ball at his feet. Got it all? Let’s add rapping in as well, just for good measure!