World Boxing Organization To Review Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley Result

By Michael Terrill

Anyone who watched Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley fight over the weekend on HBO Pay-Per-View knows the result was very controversial. The World Boxing Organization may agree as they have decided to review the welterweight championship fight.

Twitter, Facebook, and every other form of social media exploded with irate fans after judges Duane Ford and C.J. Ross both favored Bradley with a score of 115-113. Judge Jerry Roth appears to be the only member of the panel who was actually watching the fight as he scored it 115-113 in favor of Pacquiao.

Many people attending the fight in Las Vegas and watching on television agreed Pacquiao landed the necessary punches to successfully defend his title. It was an outrage the way the fight was scored and it was not just boxing fans who thought this way.

Promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank, who promotes both Pacquiao and Bradley, could not believe what he had witnessed and went as far as to call the Nevada attorney general about the scoring. Several media personnel at ESPN and other various outlets agreed that there was no way Bradley could have come out victorious in the fight.

WBO President Franciso Valcarcel stated briefly after the conclusion of the fight that the championship committee would review the match as soon as possible. Five international judges will go over the footage, evaluate each round, and then make a decision on how the fight should have been scored. Valcarcel did want to point out this is not a reflection of the three judges, but rather something that simply needs to be done.

“I want to clarify that in no way does this say we are doubting the capacity of these judges, which we consider as honest and competent judges,” Valcarcel said.

Pacquiao and Bradley both stated before the fight that they would like a rematch regardless of the outcome. Obviously, Pacquiao has publicly stated he wants his next fight to be against Bradley after he felt slighted in the outcome of Saturday’s championship match.

The judges disgraced boxing Saturday night, as this is easily one of the worst botched calls in the long history of the sport. If the judges are going to take away Pacquiao’s much deserved welterweight championship belt then it better be by someone who clearly showed they are the best. Bradley may have landed a few punches, but there is no way he proved to be the better boxer. Pacquiao is one of the best in the world and has defeated several quality opponents in the ring over the past decade to be called champ. If the WBO has any thought in their mind the fight should be overturned then they must do it, not just to do what is right for Pacquiao, but also to save the sport of boxing.

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