Nick Watney Sinks a Double Eagle at the US Open

By Bryan Lutz

The US Open is easily my favorite of the golf majors. I don’t know if it’s the patroitism in me or what, but I’ll watch the US Open 10 times out of 10 over the Masters. And Nick Watney made it even better.

Nick Watney – who is ranked 70th in the world – is ranked number one in awesome shots for the day, nailing an albatross on number 17. Watney entered the hole at three-over par – but with the double eagle – finished his first nine at even par, which is tied for 9th for the time being. This is only the third double eagle in US Open history.

However, this isn’t the first albatross we have seen at a major this year. I’m sure we all remember Louie Oosthuizen’s double eagle at Augusta’s National no. 2 hole.

Shots like this are what makes golf great. Similar to baseball, you never really know what you are going to see on a given day. No matter the odds, things like this can happen and surprise the heck out of you. Even if Watney finishes the Open horribly, he will always remember this shot. Heck, I remember my near hole-in-one with relative ease, and I was like three feet away. Getting an eagle by driving a par-4 in one was pretty sweet too, but that’s the extent of my golfing accolades.

Outside of Watney, Tiger Woods looked fantastic. Which is not only good for the game of golf, but for everyone’s viewing pleasure. But Tiger has to take a backseat to Nick Watney today.

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