Prosecution Will Rest Its Case In Jerry Sandusky Child Abuse Trial Thursday Afternoon

The Jerry Sandusky trial has certainly captured the attention of the nation.  Many people have been watching the issue with much interest.  The prosecution seems to have done their job quite well and they will rest their case against Sandusky Thursday afternoon.  This is way ahead of schedule, so they must feel they have done a good job.

Initially, I thought there was a decent shot that Jerry Sandusky was going to evade a conviction.  It seemed the locale was going to be enough to have one person decided that he wasn’t guilty, which would lead to a hung jury.  However, after reading accounts of testimony, I believe that Sandusky will be convicted on most of the charges.

The defense has been in shambles and the victims that have testified have done a great job.  Mike McQueary basically saved his reputation and won a lot of respect for his testimony.  The defense had to hope the witnesses could be dismissed, but it has not turned out that way.  Each witness has had their own twist to add to the story and it gets more and more damning for Sandusky.

I think this trial has gone a lot faster than people have thought.  I would not be surprised if we hear a verdict sooner rather than later.  The prosecution finished up about two days before people thought and I am not sure what the defense is going to present.  If we hear a verdict by next Friday, I think that would be good pace.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.