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Bryce Harper Gets His Own Beer Called: ‘Clown Question, Bro’

Bryce Haprper’s now infamous five-word response to a reporter’s question after a game in Canada is being immortalized in the form of a frosty brew.

Denver Beer Co. is planning on debuting a beer simply called, ‘Clown Question, Bro’ before the Washington Nationals visit the Colorado Rockies later this month. The beer, that will pay tribute to Bryce Harper and his hilarious post-game response, is supposed to be an “easy drinking” light Canadian lager according to Denver Beer Co. Chief Charlie Berger.

Berger added this about the beer,

“Maybe he’ll come here, although he can’t drink it here. It is definitely his favorite beer, and maybe we’ll serve it with a big red clown nose.”

Man this situation is getting more ridiculous by the moment. First of all Harper is still only 19 and is a Mormon, which would prevent him from drinking even if he was of age. Second, to respond to the reporter’s question in that manner was hilarious and it went viral moments after he uttered the words. Third, if they do serve this beer with a red clown nose I will be sure to take a picture and post it immediately.

Whether he wanted all of this attention from a simple response to a question or not, he’s got it. His legend is growing by the minute and his response to a question, now paired ironically with a beer named after him, is just the icing on top of a funny story.

I’ll leave you with the video that started it all, enjoy!