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LSU 2011 SEC Championship Rings Say They Were “#2 Nationally”

The 2011 LSU Tigers deserve to wear a ring to show off their accomplishment from a dominating season which included 13 wins against most of the top teams in college football.

They recently received those rings in the form of 2011 SEC Champions but it includes a low-blow to their OWN players. Check out what it says on the side of their rings in the picture posted by sophomore tackle La’el Collins:

C’mon man.

I get it that they finished second after losing to Alabama in the National Championship game but did they really need to rub the failure in the face of their own players? The players and coaches that do receive the LSU 2011 SEC championship rings will now be forever reminded of what they did not accomplish on something that should celebrate their season.

A ring of this kind should be keepsake and not a torment of their shortcomings. Now, instead of looking at it with pride, knowing they won the toughest conference in college football, it will be disgust. If the “#2 Nationally” was not on the ring the players would probably look at it and think of what they didn’t accomplish, but did LSU really have to engrave it?

I don’t think I’m overreacting here but some people will argue that as the years go by the players will cherish what the ring really stands for. Yes they were SEC Champions, yes they did finish #2 in the country but will they really forget how they came up short? Definitely not now with the saying engraved on the ring.

I’ve heard of motivational tactics before but this is pretty brutal.