Tommy Edison, Blind Since Birth, Learns To Shoot A Basketball

Tommy Edison can be an inspiration to anyone.  The man has been blind since birth, but he has not let that slow him down.  In fact, he enjoys making videos to poke fun at the challenges that he faces on a daily basis.  In his latest video, he got some help from George Wasgott as he learned how to shoot baskets.

I am not going to lie, this is pretty cool to see.  It did not take long for Tommy Edison to pick up on the nuances of shooting baskets.  Sure, his shot is not consistent, but who cares?  The fact that he was able to make a couple shots without being able to see the basket is amazing.

I liked how Wasgott taught Tommy Edison as well.  The backboard can be your friend.  If you aim for the middle of the square when you shoot straight on, you will get some shots to go in.  Use it to your advantage, just like Tommy did.

It looks like Tommy Edison can be an inspiration to a lot of people out there.  Just because he can not see does not mean that he can not enjoy past times like the rest of us.  He probably won’t be playing full court ball at any time, but he might be able to give someone a run for their money in HORSE.

Big props to Tommy Edison and George Wasgott.  This video can be a great thing for anyone with disabilities to see that with a little bit of determination, you can overcome them.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.