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Kenyan Students Reenact 1986 World Series

Before the Boston Red Sox ended their almost century long, “curse of the Bambino” a rendition of Bill Buckner’s game losing gaffe in the 1986 World Series would have been met with outward scorn and inward depression, no matter how awesome the rendition or the subjects.

But time and winning heal all wounds. The Sox have had their share of both over the last decade. Two titles affords you the ability to smile at your misfortune.

A group of Kenyan students playfully re-did Game 6 of the 1986 World series, beginning with two outs and Mookie Wilson at the plate.

Dan Freiman, a Canadian volunteer who shot the video, is a volunteer with International Volunteer HQ in Nairobi, Kenya.

“It seemed like a good idea to combine their two loves, so one day, I asked a few boarders at the school (orphans) if they were interested in recreating a play on camera from an American sport, he told Yahoo. They were ecstatic about the idea and continued to ask me what play we’d be filming and when we’d be shooting it.

“Growing up in Toronto, my friends and I used to re-enact Joe Carter’s World Series home run during recess. I thought it’d be fun to have them do the same thing. The students and I ran through a couple of possibilities, including the Music City Miracle, but the kids liked the Buckner clip because of the huge pileup at the plate. They kept laughing at it.”

The students are equipped with tennis rackets, which also served as a baseball bat.

The video provides context to the situation. It starts with the wild pitch from proverbial Bob Stanley on a 2-2 count that tied the game. The Kenyan student copied the event down to reactions of Stanley and Wilson.

Then the magic happened.

Faux Wilson’s grounder to first base goes through the first baseman’s legs.

The reactions were spot on. These students obviously spent a lot of time working on this rendition.

Even the most die hard Sox fan can appreciate and acknowledge their effort.

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