Miami Heat Fan Shows "Jon Barry Sucks" Sign On Postgame Show After Game 3

By Riley Schmitt

Jon Barry is an analyst for ESPN and like everyone who talks about sports, he has his haters and his supporters.  This Miami Heat fan was caught on camera after Game 3 holding up a “Jon Barry Sucks” sign right behind the postgame crew.

That is what is great about basketball and basketball fans.  Jon Barry is sitting there oblivious to anything going on while this guy is holding this sign right behind him.  It certainly makes for a funny moment.  I honestly think that a lot of fans would probably agree with that sign.  Barry certainly has had some stupid moments while talking basketball.

This NBA Finals has turned out to be a fantastic series.  Even the ESPN guys can not ruin it.  I would rather have it on TNT so we could watch Inside the NBA.  Instead, we get stuck with four guys who talk a lot, but say absolutely nothing.  Jon Barry certainly fits into the group of talking a lot but not saying much.  That is probably why the guy told him he sucks.

Looks like the producers need to do a better job of keeping fans out of the live shots like that.  Especially when he is holding a sign like that insulting the guy he is standing behind.  Oh well.  It looks like ESPN’s mistake is a benefit to everyone who enjoys moments like that.  Nothing like a humorous sign to lighten the mood after a big game.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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