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Where LaDainian Tomlinson Ranks All-Time

With the announcement of his retirement from the NFL, Ladainian Tomlinson will begin his wait to enter the Hall of Fame. I think without question LT is a first ballot hall of famer, but where does he rank with the all-time greats?

Let’s take a look:

Rushing Touchdowns in a Career

1. Emmitt Smith (164)

2. LaDainian Tomlinson (145)

3. Marcus Allen (123)

4. Walter Payton (110)

5. Jim Brown (106)

Single-Season Rushing Touchdowns

1. Ladainian Tomlinson (28)

2. Preist Holmes (27)

2. Shaun Alexander (27)

4. Emmitt Smith (25)

5. John Riggins (24)

Career Rushing Yards

1. Emmitt Smith (18,355)

2. Walter Payton (16,726)

3. Barry Sanders (15,269)

4. Curtis Martin (14,101)

5. LaDainian Tomlinson (13,684)

Career Touchdowns

1. Jerry Rice (208)

2. Emmitt Smith  (175)

3. LaDainian Tomlinson (162)

4. Terrell Owens (156)

5. Randy Moss (154)

Total Yards From Scrimmage

1. Jerry Rice (23,540)

2. Emmitt Smith (21,579)

3. Walter Payton (21,264)

4. Marshall Faulk (19,154)

5. LaDainian Tomlinson (18,154)

The evidence shows that LT is one of the top 5 running backs of all-time.

Where in the top 5 will vary, depending on who you ask, but I have him at No. 5.

I try to analyze all-time rankings, by asking yourself, if you were starting a team, who would you take first?

My Personal Top 5 All-Time Running Backs

1. Barry Sanders

2. Walter Payton

3. Emmitt Smith

4. Marshall Faulk

5. Ladainian Tomlinson

Regardless of where you have him in your all-time ranks, Ladainian Tomlinson is no doubt one of the best to ever play the game. His ability to catch passes out of the backfield (4,772 career receiving yards), made him one of the biggest double threats in the history of the game.

The one thing missing from his Canton resume is a ring. LT never reached the top of the mountain, but other than that, his resume is one of the best.

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