10 of the Hottest Female Sports Reporters

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10 Hot Sports Reporters


Let’s be honest–what guy doesn’t enjoy seeing a beautiful reporter that is very knowledgable about sports? Here’s a look at 10 of the hottest female sports reporters as of Summer 2012.

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Jill Arrington


A former sideline reporter for ESPN, but Jill Arrington was named the sexiest sportscaster by Playboy back in 2001–which is kind of a big deal. If your a big football fan, I highly recommend checking out the work she currently does with Fox Sports on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Jillian Reynolds


Let’s be honest–nobody really cares about what the weather forecast is going to be like during football season until Jillian Reynolds shows up on Fox NFL Sundays. Even if she predicts the most horrendous weather possible for your favorite game of the day to watch, it’s difficult to be mad at someone as beautiful as Reynolds.

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Michelle Beadle


As disappointing as it was to see her leave ESPN with the eventual goal of joining Access Hollywood, fans of Michelle Beadle will be pleased to know that she’ll still be part of the NBC Sports Network. Who doesn’t love a gorgeous woman that not only is a die-hard sports nut, but is actually funny as well?

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Sara Carbonero


How are soccer players in Spain supposed to focus on the game with a reporter as beautiful as Sara Carbonero standing on the sidelines? A former winner of “The Sexiest Reporter in the World” contest by FHM, it’s safe to say she deserved the award–no debate there.

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Jenn Brown


In my mind, Jenn Brown is one of those sportscasters that should be talked about more when it comes to discussing who should take home honors of being the hottest. Not only does she know football and basketball, but Brown seems to know more about the X Games than most guys in this country. Unfortunately for male fans, she was married back in April–which I guess we should be happy for.

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Lisa Dergan Podsednik


Michael Bay–how on earth did you let a girl like Lisa Dergan slip away from you and let her settle for a guy like Scott Podsednik? A former Playboy model, Dergan-Podsednik has been with Fox Sports Net since 2002 and is easily one of the most beautiful female sports broadcasters out there.

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Charissa Thompson


One of the smartest things ESPN ever did was bring rising star female sports broadcaster Charissa Thompson on board in last summer to be part of their Numbers Never Lie show. Now that Beadle is officially gone, Thompson will receive more exposure as the newest co-host of SportsNation–which is a win-win for just about everyone.

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Heidi Watney


Even if you hated the Boston Red Sox, it was hard not to watch NESN whenever you received the chance just to see Heidi Watney in action. She may have taken her talents to Southern California (not to be mixed up with South Beach) to perform work for Time Warner Cable, but don’t be surprised if this hottie makes her way to the bigger leagues over the next couple of years.

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Erin Andrews


There’s nothing hotter than a woman who knows her football and when it comes to Erin Andrews–she’s simply one of the best when it comes to college football coverage. With all due respect to the rest of the College Gameday crew, the main reason why fans tune into ESPN so early on Saturday mornings is so they can get an early glimpse of Andrews before catching her on the sidelines during the night game.

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Ines Sainz


When it comes to broadcasting Mexico sports–Ines Sainz is simply one of the best and is fun to look at in the process. While everybody knows her from the incident with the New York Jets in 2010, Sainz has worked hard to get where she is and deserves to be in the top spot for this list. No wonder certain Jets players got in trouble in the locker room–just look how gorgeous she is.

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