D.J Williams Is Bentley's "Muppet Of The Week"

By Paul Bentley

Last week was a sports fan’s dream.  The U.S Open, Euro 2012 soccer, the Heat and Thunder series, and a few muppets.  I spent my entire Sunday in front of my Panasonic Viera, holding the remote control and occasionally letting the dog outside to “eliminate.”  Sunday started with the conclusion of the “Group of Death” in Euro 2012, followed by hours of U.S Open golf, concluding with game three of the NBA finals.  Ill be honest, I have never heard of Webb Simpson, but the man from Raleigh, North Carolina shot the lights out over the weekend, earning him that first major title in the U.S Open.  And to top the week off, I received more total “Muppet Of The Week” nominations than any week thus far.  Ladies and gentlemen, here are your muppets.

Aubrey Huff, San Francisco Giants

Last week, Aubrey Huff added himself to the list of athletes that have hurt themselves celebrating.  Muppet.  What is even more pitiful about Huff’s case is that he was celebrating the feat of a teammate.  Don’t get me wrong, Giants pitcher Matt Cain put on a clinic as he threw a perfect game against the Houston Astros but for real Aubrey!  You hop the dugout railing, land awkwardly tweaking that right knee, and eat dirt as well!  Huff is now on the DL with a sprained right knee.  If I were Keyshawn Johnson or Chris Berman I would say “c’mon man” but I am not.  I’m Paul Bentley and ill just say, you Aubrey, are a muppet.

Jim Rome and David Stern

These two got into a hissy-fit on the Jim Rome Show last week and punches were thrown below the belt.  Several of my readers nominated both of these cats, but I am going say Stern was more muppet-like.  Rome politely and respectfully asked the NBA Commissioner if he wanted to address the several fans that think the NBA Draft Lottery was fixed.  I don’t think it’s fixed but it is a rather insulting question.  Just because the Charlotte Bobcats had the best chance to win the first overall pick, odds are still against them!  A one in four outcome is not favorable folks.  The conspiracy comes into play because the NBA owned New Orleans Hornets defied odds and won the first pick.

Stern took extreme offense to the topic of a fixed lottery.  Instead of responding with “that’s a clown question bro,” Stern did respond with a question for Rome.

“Have you stopped beating your wife yet?”

Apparently, this was a rhetorical question from Stern, and has nothing to do with Rome and his wife.  But for real Stern?  This is the response a NBA Commissioner gives to a simple, yet intriguing question.  It may have been a “clown question” from Rome, but it was undoubtedly a “muppet response” from David Stern.

D.J Williams, Denver Broncos Linebacker

This dude D.J Williams should have a Bentley-issued, muppet-activity tether strapped to his damn ankle.  He is a fool.  Williams recently tweeted a picture of the Broncos defensive playbook to the world.  Playbooks are like a teenage girl’s diary man!  Secret!  Although not much, if anything was truly given away with this tweet, D.J earned himself this weeks MOTW title with a few previous incidents.

Looking over some stats, I found out the 2004 first round draft pick, Williams, has two career DUI’s and will also miss the first six games of next season for failing a performance enhancing drug test.  Bro, multiple DUI’s?!  Grow up.  You have NFL paper.  Pay someone to drive your drunk self around.  Oh yea, and stay off the juice. It makes your balls…nevermind.  Don’t be shocked if this cat wins a few more of these in his career.


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