Former MLB Pitcher Roger Clemens Found Not Guilty On All Counts During Perjury Trial

The Roger Clemens perjury trial was something that we like to call a time suck.  I am pretty sure that a lot of people did not care about the verdict at all.  I think the steroids issue is something that people really do not care about anymore.  However, the verdict came back and it was found that Clemens was not guilty of perjury.

The first trial should have been the end.  If Roger Clemens lied about using steroids, so be it.  Did the US government really think spending money on another trial was a good use of money?  I have not found anyone who thought this thing was a good idea.  In fact, I bet a lot of people are angry that this thing kept dragging on.  There is a reason people kept falling asleep during the trial.

There has been no fanfare to this issue because people have simply stopped caring about Roger Clemens.  I know that I do not care one bit.  Steroids were not illegally during that time in baseball.  It brought the game back to prominence.  Clemens wants a clear name so he can be a Hall of Famer.

I personally think that people that used steroids should be in the Hall of Fame if their numbers deserve it.  Simply create a new wing and label it steroid users.  You can not hide from your history like the league has tried to done.  People used steroids and it helped get the game back to popularity after the strike in 1994.

Roger Clemens was found not guilty and the world still turns.  The giant trial that bored everyone to death is finally over.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.