“Pacman” Jones Needs to Gobble up his Pride

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and a zebra doesn’t change its stripes. Either of those cliched statements could be used to describe Cincinnati Bengals beleaguered defensive back, Adam “Pacman” Jones. Adam’s nickname not only describes his ability to chase down and eat up offensive players and passes, but is also an apt moniker for the fact that Jones truly seems to think that real life is a game as well. Even in the midst of a “comeback” to pro football (and public decency) over recent years, Jones still finds himself on probation and in the news for negative reasons. A more profound statement to describe this NFL player’s reality show lifestyle could be that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

Jones, who is currently on probation for a disorderly conduct charge, was recently court-ordered to pay $11 million to victims of a strip club shooting in 2007. Jones was considered financially liable for the injuries of two Las Vegas strip club employees, one of which was paralyzed. Police alleged that a brawl began after Jones threw a wad of bills on stage, then got angry when the dancers picked the money up. Police also claimed that after Jones and his entourage were expelled from the club, Jones met briefly with the accused gunman before shots rang out.

Jones was recently asked by the NFL to speak at this year’s rookie symposium, to share his own troubles as a player, and to warn them of the drama that follows fame and young money. Hopefully Jones has put his past behind him, but that does not change the demons who dwell there. No amount of time and no amount of money can fix the things that cannot be changed.

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