Dottie Sandusky To Testify During Jerry Sandusky Trial Tuesday Afternoon

Dottie Sandusky could be the key witness to help the defense in the trial of Jerry Sandusky.  She will take the stand on Tuesday to defend her husband against the 51 charges he faces, ranging from indecent assault to endangering children.

The first win for the defense came early Tuesday when a state trooper denied telling the accusers of Jerry Sandusky what the other victims said.  Too bad there is a tape to refute that.  It is the first victory for the defense so far.

Dottie Sandusky and her testimony could be the second victory.  If she claims to have not knowledge of what is going on and if she is able to refute some of the accusations, that is a bigger win for the defense.

This trial seemed like a stone cold lock to end with a conviction but it is slowly starting to raise some doubt in people’s minds.  For those of who think that Sandusky is guilty, the feds are watching the trial fairly closely and they could bring charges, due to some of the incidents occurring across state lines.

Dottie Sandusky could be the star of the trial.  If the defense is hoping to get the charges dismissed, she will have to be on her game.  The defense has looked pretty bad early on but Dottie and her testimony could change that quickly.

The world is watching this case.  The pressure is on everyone and Tuesday could point to a victory in either direction.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.