Jeff Romano Tweets Picture Of Roulette Wheel In Vegas That Comes Up 19 Red Seven Times In A Row

Las Vegas is a place for gamblers, which means it makes sense for poker player Jeff Romano to be at a casino.  However, Romano wasn’t playing cards at the time he noticed this oddity.  A roulette wheel came up 19 Red seven times in a row.  The odds of this happening are roughly 1 in 114 billion.

That is not a typo.  114 BILLION.  That is a pretty rare chance of something happening.  I would bet a lot of people may think that this photo is doctored but it is apparently true.  If a person happened to bet that number the entire time it hit it, I think they would have a nice little fortune after that.

Roulette is possibly the hardest game to play in a casino and win it, since there is no human element to the game.  The ball and the wheel do whatever they want.  You can not influence it in any outside way.  That makes this even more rare.

I bet that we never see something like this happening for a long, long time.  The rarity is just way too great for that to ever happen.  In fact, I bet there has been nothing close to that before.  That is how rare that could be.

Just in case, I plan on betting Red 19 whenever I play roulette.  Seems like it has a chance of winning some money, even if this was probably just some dumb luck.  Can’t miss out on a chance of this happening again, though.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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