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New England Patriots’ receiver, Wes Welker, involved in scuffle with security

It wouldn’t be a wedding without a bachelor party, and it wouldn’t be a true bachelor party without someone getting in trouble for something.

Or so I am told.

Last weekend, New England Patriots‘ wide receiver, Wes Welker, and six of his friend were in Aspen, CO celebrating his upcoming wedding to model Anna Burns in what was likely an unofficial bachelor party.

That same weekend, the town was hosting the 30th Annual Aspen Food and Wine Classic , and when Welker and his friends tried to enter an event being held the Above the Salt restaurant without a reservation or permission from the event staff, he and his party were quickly thwarted by security.

This didn’t sit very well with Welker and Co., who demanded to be let into the event immediately, and tried to force their way inside. According to witnesses, things started to get a bit ugly as security jumped on them.

With tempers flaring, security then had to physically restrain the NFL receiver in order to keep things from getting out of hand.

Though the party was not arrested, they were threatened to be by Aspen police, and eventually his group settled down and were then kicked off the property.

He and his fiance are scheduled to be married in Aspen this upcoming weekend.

Last season, Welker ranked 2nd in the NFL in receptions with 141 for 1,737 yards and racked up 10 touchdowns for the season before he and his team fell to the New York Giants in the Super Bowl.

He is currently in the midst of a contract hold-out with the Patriots.

I guess Welker is learning that sometimes, even star athletes can’t always get what they want.