Thunder star Kevin Durant being sued over use of the name "Durantula"

By Marian Hinton

It hasn’t been a great week for Oklahoma City Thunder star, Kevin Durant. His team sits on the brink of elimination, down 3 games to 1 to the Miami Heatin the NBA Finals , and now he is being sued over the use of his nickname, Durantula.

While playing his college ball in Austin, Texas Longhorn fans began to call their star player Durantula, due to his 7′ 5″ wing span. Since he has become one of the best players in the NBA, the nickname has taken on a life of its own.

Today, Durant’s people got word that he is being sued in Federal Court by 1980’s guitarist, Mark Durante, who claims to have trademarked the moniker years ago.

Durante, who played with such bands as Public Enemy, The Aliens, and The Next Big Thing, among others, claims that he began using the name Durantula in the 80’s for his “on stage and performance persona.” He also claims to have used it to sell music, guitars, and related merchandise.

In the lawsuit, Durante says that his “people” (he still has “people?”) have sent a couple of letters to the NBA star, but that Durant’s reps responded that he doesn’t use the name.

Durante disagrees, claiming that KD has sold autographed basketballs with “Durantla” on the website, and that Nike used the name as well to launch Durant’s signature shoe line.

The musician is suing Durant for damages (what that could be, no one knows) and filing an injunction to stop use of the term Durantula in regards to the reigning NBA scoring champion.

He can get an injunction or file a lawsuit asking for money, but as a lifelong Texas fan who has referred to Durant as Durantula since his days with the Longhorns, I will forever consider Kevin Durant to be the one and only Durantula. I think most people will agree.



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