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F1 Driver David Coulthard Catches Golf Ball In Mercedes AMG While Going 180 Miles Per Hour


Hitting a stationary target in golf is extremely tough.  I struggle at the game enough but this random golfer teamed up with F1 driver David Coulthard to land a golf ball in his moving car.  The Mercedes AMG that Coulthard is driving isn’t traveling at your normal amount of speed.  He has the thing going 180 MPH.

Think about that.  I can barely hit a golf ball straight, much less team up with a guy to land it in the passenger seat of car.  That requires a lot of timing and some good luck.  David Coulthard is apparently good at judging how far a golf ball is going to travel.

If you do not watch F1, this would be a good way to get into it.  They do not do this during a race, but it shows the skills that it takes to driver a car that fast.  He was able to position himself perfectly to catch the ball on its descent.  He didnt just land it in the car, he landed it on the seat next to him.

This is certainly one of the most impressive feats that I have ever seen.  It takes a lot of teamwork and practice from these two guys to get this to work perfectly.  Might possibly be the best bit of driving that I have seen in a while in any racing series.

I bet if this was the point of golf, a lot more people would want to play.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.