Megan Crafton, Cheerleading Coach In Indianapolis, Arrested After Relationship With Student

Why teachers and coaches end up having relationships with students, I’ll never know. Megan Crafton, a 22 year old cheerleading coach from Indianapolis, is arrested after performing indecent sexual acts with a 17 year old basketball player.

Crafton worked at Shelbyville High School and is now facing a felony charge of child seduction.  The kicker is that Megan Crafton is supposedly engaged.  I have a feeling that this engagement is not going to last much longer.  Cheating on your future spouse with a kid at your school is just beyond wrong.

When you are a legal adult, doing anything inappropriate with a high school student is extremely wrong.  Apparently people just do not understand these days.  Maybe some time in jail will do Megan Crafton some good.  That way, she will realize that performing sex acts with high schoolers is not exactly the smartest thing in the world.

The worst thing about this situation is that rumors were flying about the two since January.  So no one thought they should get out and check into those rumors?  I guess that would set off a couple red flags for me, but maybe I am old school about stuff like that.  I can’t imagine the parents of the student are extremely happy.

We will see if Megan Crafton ends up spending time in jail.  Something tells me she is going to plea down and end up with probation and community service.  Just the way the world works these days.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.