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Woman files lawsuit against 13-year-old Little League baseball player

As great as this country is, the U.S. legal system certainly has its share of faults, one of which is that anyone can sue anybody for anything. Sometimes that can be a good thing, but one 13-year-old boy is learning first-hand that that isn’t always the case.

In May of 2010, then 11-year-old Matthew Migliaccio, a catcher for his Little League baseball team in Manchester New Jersey, was helping his pitcher warm-up in a bull-pen practice session.

Sitting nearby watching her son play was 45-year-old Elizabeth Lloyd.

Migliaccio overthrew a ball which struck Lloyd in the face. The boy told the local press that he immediately ran over to make sure she was ok, which she said she was.

But apparently, she really wasn’t.

Lloyd suffered multiple facial fractures and was later forced to undergo reconstructive surgery.

Now, two years later, the woman is claiming that the young boy intentionally threw the ball at her and has filed a lawsuit against the 13-year-old boy.

After several failed attempts to settle with insurance companies, Lloyd’s attorney filed a lawsuit seeking $500,000 in damages and to recover the medical costs she has suffered ($153,000). The lawsuit also claims that she has suffered permanent injuries, having to endure headaches even now as a result from the injury, and that “life is different now” for the woman.

Matthew’s father says that he is not shocked by the lawsuit.

“I want to be clear: The litigation does not shock me. People sue people everyday. What I was surprised about was the lack of answers and support from Little League. I cannot believe that they would not help out in this issue.”

It’s a valid concern. Shouldn’t the league be responsible? If not legally, it seems they would at least try to step in and help out.

Little League requires that all leagues carry insurance to cover coaches and players, but no rule is in place to protect spectators.

While I agree with the father that perhaps the league should have stepped in to help out, I think this lawsuit is incredibly shocking.

I think her frustrations are with the wrong party. Again, as Americans, we have the right to sue anyone for anything. If she feels the need to try to seek damages from someone, sue Little League baseball. I’m not saying she would (or should) win, but it seems more humane than suing a kid. So, sue them.

Don’t sue a 13-year-old boy for something that happened when he was 11-years-old in what, despite what the attorney says, appears to have been an innocent accident.

I am sorry the woman has had to endure such difficulties over the last couple of years, but sometimes, accidents are simply that: accidents.

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