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Justin Darlington Pulls Off Amazing Cartwheel Dunk At Nike+ Dunk Contest


Justin Darlington, also known as Jus Fly, showed why he is an amazing dunker.  At a Nike+ dunk contest, the man earned his nickname by pulling off a sweet cartwheel dunk.  Not only did he pull off of the cartwheel, he added a between the legs move to cement it as awesome.

I think we need to start a movement to get Justin Darlington into the dunk contest.  I bet a lot more people would watch it if we knew dunks like this were going to happen.  The people that take place in the All-Star dunk contest simply can not do moves like this.  If a pro player tried a dunk like this, I bet his team would have a collective heart attack.

I can see why the guy is known as Jus Fly.  If you can do dunks like this, you deserve an amazing nickname.  Jus Fly is a pretty cool name and I bet Justin Darlington has more moves to justify it.  Dunks like this seem to pretty common at Nike+ stuff, so the league should go there to find some dunkers.

I am officially starting the movement to get Justin Darlington in to the All-Star weekend dunk contest.  If you can pull off a dunk like this, you need to be put on the national stage.  People need to know Jus Fly and the awesome moves that he can pull off.  Moves like this would sweep the nation and I bet the Internet would probably break.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.