David Weekes, London Cabbie, Turning Taxi Into Hotel For 2012 London Olympics

By Riley Schmitt

David Weekes may be a taxi driver, but he has some big ideas.  The cabbie from London plans on turning his taxi into a hotel for the 2012 London Olympics.  For the low, low price of about 77 US dollars, you can spend a night in his taxi, which comes with a bed, mini-fridge, and an iPad.

This idea may not catch on but you have to respect David Weekes for trying something outside of the box.  It looks like cab fares are going to drop for the Olympics, so he is trying to find a new way to get revenue.  Heck, it actually looks pretty comfortable.  It is probably cheaper than buying an actual hotel room in London.

Maybe this idea can catch on in America.  Some hotel rooms are notoriously disgusting.  If you have more people like David Weekes in the world, I think we are in a better place.  We need people like him who are trying to come up with new ideas to make money.

I wonder if more cabbies come up with an idea like this.  If it works out, you are going to make a decent amount of money.  That is basically what the Olympics are all about.  Country pride means nothing when you have the chance to make some cash.  That is what drives the world, even if you have to turn your cab into a hotel.  Bet some stupid tourists think this an exotic idea and stay the whole time.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.


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